Commercial (Shipping Bills)

1. Free Shipping Bill: When a Shipper does not want to claim any export benefit, A Free Shipping Billing is filed for shipments. DF Form Appendix I : It is required for filing a Free Shipping Bill - Download.

2. Drawback Shipping Bill: Whenever the Shipper wants to claim Drawback as an export benefit, a Drawback Shipping Bill is filed for shipments. The Shipper must have a valid account with the SBI, Air Cargo Complex, which enables him to file Drawback Shipping Bill at Customs EDI Systems.If a Shipper initially wish to open an account with the minimum deposit amount is Rs.10,000/-. Such Bank Account permits the Authorities to deposit the Drawback amount due to the Shipper, into the Account. The Customs EDI Systems at Air Cargo Complex at Mumbai will reject the Application claiming Drawback Shipping Bill when the Shipper does not maintain an account with SBI.
Shipper desirous of clearing Shipments through Customs should submit the following papers duly filled, signed and stamped with Company's seal:

  1. Annexure B Form - Download
  2. Appendix III Form(duly mentioning the PMV Value under Column: 10 by the Shipper) - Download
  3. Appendix IV Form(applicable for certain items only) - Download
  4. Modvat Copy (issued by Central Excise to Shipper certifying that Shipper is not claiming any benefits under Central Excise)
  5. Note (for Garments only): ANNEXURE I - Download or ANNEXURE II - Download

3. DEPB Shipping Bill (Duty Entitlement Pass Book Scheme): If a Shipper is exporting an item, the rate of which is fixed under DEPB for the serial number of item being exported the following documents are required to be submitted.

  1. Annexure D Form - Download: duly filled, signed by Shipper and stamped with Co.'s Seal
    Note: Column No. 11 should be filled in correctly by the Shipper.
  2. Purchase Bill or AR4 Form (for value verification)

The Clearance may be permitted under Provisional basis, if the product is listed in the DEPB Book and the rate is not fixed. The client cannot claim DEPB if not listed in the DPEB Book. Provisional to finalization of the post cleared Shipping Bill needs to be handled by Shipper on his own.

4. DEEC Shipping Bill (Duty Exemption Entitlement Certificate):
a. For a one time DEEC Registration, the following documents are required

  1. Annexure for DEEC Declaration Download
  2. Advance License original
  3. DEEC Book or copies of complete set of application along with Joint Director Foreign Trade (JDFT) acknowledgement of receipt of registration
  4. DEEC declaration stating it's an exempted material (if not already stated on the Invoice)
  5. Appendix III: if claim of Drawback with DEEC (An SBI account at the Air Cargo Complex branch, Meenambakkam, Chennai is must - Download

b. Once the DEEC Registration is complete, the Shipper should submit the following

  1. DEEC Declaration Appendix II - Download
  2. Declaration stating it's an exempted item (if not already stated on the Invoice)
  3. A Chartered Engineer's Certificate for all shipments containing "Engineering Products" forwarded under DEEC Shipping Bills is required by the Indian Customs at Mumbai Airport
  4. Shippers who are classified the status of 100% EOU (Export Oriented Unit) must export their shipments under the Bond Shipping Bill

5. Bond Shipping Bill: For export under a Bond Shipping Bill, the following documents are required to be submitted

  1. Annexure C1 Form - Download
  2. Duly filled, signed and stamped with the seal of the Examining Officer of the Excise Department, and countersigned by the Superintendent of the Excise Department

6. Dutiable Shipping Bill: Duty for Exports is levied on the Shipper for export of items like Coffee, Mica, Raw Cotton, Raw Wool, Tea, Tobacco, etc. Such items can only be cleared through customs against a Dutiable Shipping Bill, which is the only form of Shipping Bill that is handled manually by customs. Export Duty should be paid by the shipper

7. Repair and Return Items: If the Shipper has imported an item, a part of which or the whole is found to be defective, and the Shipper wishes to return it to the supplier for repairs & return, the following documentation are required for customs clearance

  1. Original Import Bill of Entry
  2. Original customs-attested Import Invoice which should clearly state the serial/part number of the item imported
  3. Certificate for Repair and Return from any Bank: Format should be given on Bank's letter head only - Download
  4. Letter to the Deputy Commissioner of Customs : To be given on Company's letter head only - Download Note: Customs may request for a Chartered Engineer's Certificate.For export, the Export Shipping Bill will show the serial/part number of the item that will be used when the item is returned after repairs. Duty will be levied only on the "repair cost plus to-and-from freight/insurance

8. Export of Pharmaceuticals: The following additional documentation are required along with the other applicable documents as mentioned

  1. Drug License Copy
  2. A sample of contents for inspection by the Additional Drug Controller
  3. Sample of the label affixed on the package

9. For all types of Shipping Bill, the Shipper must submit with every shipment:

  1. Shipper's Letter of Instructions - Download
  2. Copy of the IEC Certificate with updated PAN Number / ADC Code
  3. Commercial Invoice - Download
  4. Packing List - Download
  5. Purchase order (copy)
  6. SDF Form - Download
  7. ADC Format - Download

Various Drawback Declarations....

Declarations Download